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Digital Jedis Complete Response to Typhoon Ruby

Thank you, Digital Jedis! Every Click you made on MicroMappers was a gift. Typhoon Ruby (Hagupit) disrupted the lives of many and caused damage in regions already affected by previous disasters. As MicroMappers, you gave your time, clicks and skills to make a difference. Catherine, the … Continue reading

“No Data is Better Than Bad Data…” Really?

I recently tweeted the following: “No data is better than bad data…” really? if you have no data, how do you know it’s bad data? doh. This prompted a surprising number of DM’s, follow-up emails and even two in-person conversations. … Continue reading

Digital Activism, Epidemiology and Old Spice: Why Faster is Indeed Different

The following thoughts were inspired by one of Zeynep Tufekci’s recent posts entitled “Faster is Different” on her Technosociology blog. Zeynep argues “against the misconception that acceleration in the information cycle means would simply mean same things will happen as would have … Continue reading

Proposing the Field of Crisis Mapping

There are no books on Crisis Mapping, no peer-reviewed journals, no undergraduate or graduate courses, no professional seminars. And yet, after co-directing the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s (HHI) Program on Crisis Mapping and Early Warning (CM&EW) for 2-years, I can confirm … Continue reading

How To Communicate Securely in Repressive Environments

Update: The information below is now out of date, please do not blindly rely on the strategies and technologies listed! Important: Please check the excellent comments provided by iRevolution readers below for additional tactics/technologies and corrections. The purpose of this … Continue reading

GeoSurveillance for Crisis Mapping Analytics

Having blogged at length on the rationale for Crisis Mapping Analytics (CMA), I am now interested in assessing the applicability of existing tools for crisis mapping vis-a-vis complex humanitarian emergencies. In this blog post, I review an open-source software package … Continue reading

Mobile Crisis Mapping (MCM)

I first blogged about Mobile Crisis Mapping (MCM) back in October 2008 and several times since. The purpose of this post to put together the big picture. What do I mean by MCM? Why is it important? And how would … Continue reading

Threat and Risk Mapping Analysis in Sudan

Massively informative. That’s how I would describe my past 10 days with the UNDP‘s Threat and Risk Mapping Analysis (TRMA) project in the Sudan. The team here is doing some of the most exciting work I’ve seen in the field … Continue reading

A Brief History of Crisis Mapping (Updated)

Introduction One of the donors I’m in contact with about the proposed crisis mapping conference wisely recommended I add a big-picture background to crisis mapping. This blog post is my first pass at providing a brief history of the field. … Continue reading

Crisis Mapping Conference Proposal

Bridging the Divide in Crisis Mapping As mentioned in a recent blog post, my colleague Jen Ziemke and I are organizing a workshop on the topic of crisis mapping. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together a small … Continue reading