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NeoGeography and Crisis Mapping Analytics

WarViews is Neogeography Colleagues at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) are starting to publish their research on the WarViews project. I first wrote about this project in 2007 as part of an HHI deliverable on Crisis Mapping … Continue reading

Links: Satellites Spy on DC, Tor, Real Time Mapping

Trading Bronze Age Technology: Before the BlackBerry, before the iPhone, before e-mailing, texting and instant messaging, was an ivory-hinged boxwood writing board. Thematic Mapping Presentation: Bjørn Sandvik is doing some of the most interesting work on thematic mapping, which is … Continue reading

How to Visualize the Immense – Physics

I’m a wanna-be physicist; which is probably why one of my most memorable summers was spent at the Sante Fe Institute’s (SFI) Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) in 2006. But this is not a recent fad, my International Baccalaureate (IB) … Continue reading

Links: Satellite Maps, Scientific Data, Digital Tracing

Satellites Predict Cholera: Science Daily just ran a piece on a new technique using satellites to predict and map cholera outbreaks. Visualizing Scientific Data: The annual American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco will include a session on Visualizing Scientific … Continue reading

Crisis Mappers Meeting

Our first CrisisMappers meeting took place in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. The meeting brought together a small group of tech professionals who are at the very cutting edge of crisis mapping. It truly was a powerhouse. Ushahidi, Development Seed, … Continue reading

The Past and Future of Crisis Mapping

I’ve written about crisis mapping on this blog and elsewhere so what I want to do here is simply reflect on where we’ve been in the field and on what I’d like to see happening over the coming weeks, months … Continue reading

Crisis Mapping, Dynamic Visualization and Pattern Recognition

My interest in dynamic networks and data visualization dates back several years. Indeed, one of the reasons I participated in the Santa Fe Institute’s (SFI) Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) back in 2006 was precisely because of my long-time interest … Continue reading

Global Voices Summit: Frontline Activists, Tools and Knowledge

The fourth panel addresses the challenge of providing people with the tools they need to circumvent web filtering and other methods of online censorship. Digital activists and technology experts from China, Cuba and the US shared their insights. Some notes: … Continue reading

Crisis Mapping Analytics and Pattern Recognition

Traditional conflict analysis indicators have ranged from low per capita GNI and ethnic diversity to high youth unemployment and restricted political rights. These indicators are generally drawn from government statistics, which are rarely updated more than once a year. This … Continue reading