LIFT09: Where did the future go?

If you haven’t been to a Lift conference before, I highly recommend doing so, especially if your background—like mine—is not in design or the arts. This was one of the most alternative and thought-provoking conferences I’ve been to yet; which leaves me somewhat “blogless” since I’m unsure how to reflect on three mind-bending days.

The experience reminded me of my time at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) since I was exposed to completely different ways of seeing the world. So I will share in a series of blog posts some of the highlights, images and videos responsible for some of the mind-bending.

Gracing the Scene

The theme of the conference was about the future. Why are most predictions about the future way off and how can we better understand how foresight works? The reason I found LIFT so refreshing was that the answers were addressed from the perspective of design, technology and human-machine interaction. For example, the issue of cloud computing came up in a number of ways, not least in the form of the conference chair on the LIFT stage—not even TED has one of those!


Stay tuned for highlights, images and videos from LIFT 2009!

Patrick Philippe Meier

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