I am available for select speaking engagements, having given over 200 talks in more than 40 countries across 6 continents. This has included talks at the United Nations, World Bank, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Obama White House, National Geographic, multiple TEDx’s, and major technology, industry & policy events including the Skoll World Forum, Mobile World Congress, Club de Madrid, PopTech and TTI/Vanguard. Since 2017, I have reduced the number of talks I am giving because I have chosen to : 1) prioritize my time on operations at WeRobotics; and 2) forward speaking invitations to colleagues at Flying Labs so they get the visibility and exposure they deserve. 

AI for Good Global Summit 2019  05/2019
Speaker: Decolonizing Robotics for Good

South Pacific Robotics Conference 2019  05/2019
Speaker: Decolonizing Robotics

World Health Organization (WHO) 2019  04/2019
Speaker: Cargo Drones for Public Health

WSIS 2019  04/2019
Speaker: Automating Analysis of Aerial Imagery in Humanitarian Efforts

WeR Global 2019 at Rockefeller Foundation  03/2019
Speaker: Decolonizing Robotics

Center for Disease Control (CDC) 02/2019
Speaker: Cargo Drones for Medical Delivery


University of Geneva  12/2018
Keynote: Drones in Humanitarian Action: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

UBS London 2018  12/2018
Talk: Using Robotics to Hack the Industrial Revolution

UBS Global Philanthropy 2018  11/2018
Talk: Using Robotics to Hack the Industrial Revolution

UBS Zurich 2018  12/2018
Talk: Using Robotics to Hack the Industrial Revolution

Drone Federation of India Summit  11/2018
Talk: Localizing Robotics for Social Good

HCOMP 2018 / Collective Intelligence 2018  07/2018
Keynote: From Digital Humanitarians to Humanitarian Robotics

MIT Solve 2018  05/2018
Speake: Drones in Humanitarian Action

Swissnex: Aerial Futures – The Drone Frontier  05/2018
Keynote: Dones in Humanitarian Action – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

NetHope: Discover AI for Aid and Development  03/2018
Speaker: Humanitarian Drones, AI and Big Data


Dubai Robotics Conference  10/2017
Keynote: Democratizing Humanitarian Robotics

Stanley Knowles Lecture in Humanitarianism  09/2017
Keynote: Humanitarian Robotics

National Geographic Explorers Symposium  06/2017
Speaker: Democratizing Exploration Using Robotics

AI for Good Summit  06/2017*
Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics in Action

Humanitarian Drones Symposium  04/2017
Speaker: The Latest Learnings on Humanitarian use of Drones

Humanitarian Advisory Group – Off the Record  04/2017
Speaker: Humanitarians Robotics: Separating Truth from Fiction

Australian Red Cross 2017  04/2017
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: The Latest on UAVs in Disaster Response

International Federation of the Red Cross, Malaysia 2017  03/2017
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: The Latest on UAVs in Disaster Response

Humanitarian ICT Forum 2017  03/2017
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Information & Geospatial Tech Forum (IGTF) 2017  03/2017
Keynote: Crisis Mapping with Aerial and Space Robotics

LibTech Conference 2017  03/2017
Keynote: Crisis Mapping with Aerial and Space Robotics

Swiss Humanitarian Aid Conference  03/2017
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Responsible Robotics  03/2017
Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics: Policy Gaps & Priorities

Assessing Technology in Humanitarian Action  02/2017
Speaker: Assessing Robotics in Humanitarian Action

WFP UAV Coordination Conference  02/2017
Speaker: Localizing Rapid UAV Response to Disasters


PopTech 2016  10/2016
Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics in the Land of Buddha

TEDxBerlin  09/2016
Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics Powered by Artificial Intelligence

DAI Global Conference  09/2016
Speaker: Using Robotics for Environmental Protection

ICRC Data Protection Workshop  09/2016
Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics, Data and Protection Standards

Digital Frontiers Summit  09/2016
Keynote Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics in Action

AIDF Global Disaster Relief Summit 2016  09/2016
Keynote Speaker: Applications of AI and Robotics to Aid and Development

CIGIDEN Chile  09/2016*
Speaker: UAVs for Disaster Management

EO Open Science – European Space Agency  09/2016*
Speaker: Aerial and Space Robotics for Humanitarian Action

Facebook Building Impact Conference  09/2016
Speaker: Using Social Media for Crisis Mapping

Amazon Drones for Good  09/2016
Speaker: Using Aerial Robotics for Humanitarian Cargo Delivery

Drones for Development – Tech Salon  08/2016
Speaker: The WeRobotics Model

Border Festival 2016  07/2016
Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics in Action

National Geographic Symposium  06/2016
Speaker: Aerial Robotics in the Land of Buddha

DevEx World Conference  06/2016
Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics in Action

MIT Humanitarian Technology Conference  06/2016
Speaker: Humanitarian Robotics in Action

Robotics Applications Group  03/2016
Speaker: Drones & Robots for Disaster Relief  and Development

Drone Masters Summit  03/2016
Speaker: Aerial Robotics in Humanitarian Action

Drones for Humanitarian Action  03/2016
Speaker: From UAVs to Humanitarian Robotics

Robotics and Automation Lab – GRASP at UPenn  02/2016
Speaker: New Opportunities for Humanitarian Robotics

Transforming Emergency Management with Data Analytics  02/2016
Speaker: Big Data Solutions for Disaster Response

Ceasefire Monitoring Using Tech & Crowdsourcing  02/2016
Speaker: Trends in Technology use for Disaster Response

UAE Drones & Robotics for Good Challenge  02/2016
Keynote Speaker: Aerial Robotics for Humanitarian Efforts

IQPC Drones 2016  01/2016
Speaker: Aerial Robotics for Disaster Management

EC/ECHO UAVs for Protection Experts  01/2016
Speaker: Rapid Response UAV Mechanism for Disaster Response

ESIP Earth Science 2016  01/2016
Speaker: Aerial Robotics, Big Data and Disaster Response

Planet Labs  01/2016
Speaker: Digital Humanitarian Action: Lessons Learned

Geo DC  01/2016
Speaker: Aerial Robotics for Disaster Response and Recovery


USAID UAV Incubator 2015  12/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky

UK Drone Show 2015  12/2015*
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky

LIG Keynote 2015  12/2015
Keynote: Digital Humanitarians

USGS Presentation  12/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky

Drone World Expo 2015  11/2015
Speaker (3 talks): Humanitarians in the Sky

Web Summit 2015  11/2015
Speaker (Center Stage): UAVs for Disaster Recovery

GIS Forum 2015  10/2015
Keynote: Digital Humanitarians

Commercial UAV Show 2015  10/2015
Keynote: Humanitarians in the Sky

International Security Speakers Series 2015  10/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Humanitarian UAV Experts Meeting  10/2015
Organizer: Humanitarians in the Sky

Commercial UAV Expo 2015  10/2015
Keynote: Humanitarians in the Sky

Talloires Conference 2015  9/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarian Leadership

NYU Abu Dhabi Speakers Series  9/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Humanitarian UAV Mission to Nepal  9/2015
Organizer: Humanitarians in the Sky

PHAP Webinar 2015  9/2015
Speaker: Towards Humanitarian UAV Guidelines

Drone Apps Conference 2015  9/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky

USAID  7/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: UAVs for Disaster Response

New America Foundation  7/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: UAVs for Disaster Response

Humanitarian UAV Policy Forum  7/2015
Convener/Speaker: Humanitarian UAVs – Policy Gaps & Opportunities

Creative DC  7/2015
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

NetHope Webinar Series  7/2015
Speaker: Humanitarian UAV Missions: Towards Best Practices

Center for Emergency and Disaster Management Forum  7/2015
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Pivotal 2015  6/2015
Keynote: Crowdsourcing, UAVs and Disaster Resilience

GUIRR 2015  6/2015
Keynote: Humanitarians in the Sky: UAVs for Disaster Response

Explorama 2015  6/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

National Geographic 2015  6/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Big Boulder 2015  6/2015
Speaker: Social Media and Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

Queens Mary University of London  6/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Department for International Development (DfID)  6/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Royal Holloway, University of London  6/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

British Red Cross  6/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Center for Global Development  6/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities  6/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

University of Sheffield  5/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Thinking Digital 2015  5/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

World Bank  5/2015
Speaker: Humanitarian UAVs: Lessons Learned & Best Practices

MIT Humanitarian Technology 2015  5/2015
Keynote: Humanitarians UAVs: Lessons Learned & Best Practices

Building Peace 2015  4/2015
Keynote: From Humanitarian UAVs to Peacebuilding UAVs

SwitchPoint 2015  4/2015
Speaker: The Rise of Digital Humanitarians

CSW Global 2015  4/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative  4/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

The Fletcher School  4/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

MIT Lincoln Labs  4/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Georgetown University  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

University of Canterbury  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Hugo Group 2015  3/2015
Speaker: Humanitarian Technologies

SXSW 2015  3/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: UAVs for Disaster Response

Kairos Society  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

UC Berkeley  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Skoll Foundation  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Stanford Liberation Technology  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians vs Dictators

New America Foundation  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

NYC Drones Fest 2015  3/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky

Drones for Good 2015  2/2015
Keynote: Humanitarians in the Sky


American Red Cross (ARC)  12/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: Using UAVs in Emergency Management

Closer Look at National Geographic  12/2014
Speaker: How to Become a Digital Humanitarian and Save the World

TTI/Vanguard: Next  12/2014
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Annual Research Conference (ARC)  11/2014
Speaker/Moderator: Advanced Computing for Social Good

CrisisMappers Conference (ICCM 2014)  11/2014
Speaker: The Humanitarian UAV Network

Experts Meeting on Humanitarian UAVs  11/2014
Speaker: Humanitarian UAVs: From Big Data to Operations via Policy

World Food Program Keynote Talk  11/2014
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Big Data from Space  11/2014
Keynote: Digital Humanitarians in the Sky

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)  10/2014
Speaker: Humanitarian in the Sky: Using UAVs in Emergency Management

Planet Labs  9/2014
Speaker: Digital Humanitarianism

Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC): Vision 2020  9/2014
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Involving Citizens in Emergency Preparedness/Response  9/2014
Speaker: Democratizing Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Technology & Innovation in Peace Operations  8/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: The Role of UAVs in Disaster Response

Engineering for Change Webinar Series  8/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: The Role of UAVs in Disaster Response

NetHope Webinar Series  8/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: The Role of UAVs in Disaster Response

UAV Triple Zero Summit  7/2014
Keynote: Humanitarian UAVs – Between Innovation and Regulation

Int’l Conference on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems  6/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky – Humanitarian Applications of UAVs

General Assembly of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)  5/2014
Speaker: Social Media in Humanitarian Emergencies

NYC Emergency Management Conference  5/2014
Keynote: Using Crowd Computing for Emergency Management

Commercial African Open Source Information Sharing  5/2014
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Big Data and Increasing Resilience to Catastrophic Events  5/2014
Speaker: Big Data, Communities and Ethical Resilience

Int’l Conf on Info Systems for Crisis Response (ISCRAM)  5/2014
Keynote: Combining Human & Machine Computing to Improve Crisis Response

Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems & Impact  5/2014
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Societal Verification Workshop  5/2014
Panelist: Crowdsourced Societal Verification in Crises

Red Cross Disaster Management Camp  4/2014
Speaker: Advanced Computing for Disaster Management

Emergency Preparedness Symposium  3/2014
Speaker: Leveraging Social Media & Crowdsourcing for Disaster Response

GeoTech 2014  2/2014
Keynote: Digital Humanitarians

Computer Supported Work & Social Computing (CSCW)  2/2014
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Computing


The Future of Humanitarian Response (UN)  12/2013
Speaker: The Humanitarian System in 2025

Next Generation Humanitarian Technology (ICL)  12/2013
Speaker: Innovations in Humanitarian Technology

CrisisMappers: Humanitarian Technology (ICCM)  11/2013
Speaker: The Past, Present and Future of CrisisMappers

Next Generation Humanitarian Technology (UN)  11/2013
Speaker: The UN Shift Towards Humanitarian Technology

Human Rights Fact Finding in the 21st Century (NYU)  11/2013
Speaker: Big Data and Humanitarian Response

Council on Foreign Relations  10/2013
Speaker: Humanitarian Innovation and Technology

UNICEF Humanitarian Innovation  10/2013
Speaker: Innovation in Humanitarian Computing

Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  10/2013
Keynote Speaker: Big Data and Disaster Response

Social Good Summit – Philippines  9/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Digital Societies and Social Technologies  7/2013
Keynote Speaker: Crowdsourcing Verification and Disaster Response

Int’l Conference on Weblogs & Social Media (ICWSM 13)   7/2013
Tutorial: Crisis Mapping, Citizen Sensing and Social Media Analytics

New York City Office for Emergency Management  6/2013
Speaker: Machine & Human Computing for Emergency Management

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs  6/2013
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians and Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

NDU Center for Tech & National Security Policy  6/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Crisis Mapping

Social Sensing Workshop  5/2013
Speaker: Sensing Disasters and Shaping Response

UN Peacekeeping Workshop  5/2013
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

TEDxTraverseCity   5/2013
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Social Web for Disaster Management (WWW)  5/2013
Co-Organizer: Next Generation Humanitarian Tech

Sage Bionetwork Congress 2013  4/2013
Keynote Speaker: The Rise of Digital Humanitarianism

Int’l Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)  4/2013
Speaker: Data Protection for Crowdsourced Crisis Info

Qatar Computing Research Institute  4/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Tech

Georgetown University (Doha)  3/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Tech

Radical Media Forum 2013  3/2013
Speaker: Pulse of the Planet?

Georgetown University (DC)  3/2013
Speaker: The State of Crisis Mapping & Humanitarian Tech

SXSW 2013  3/2013
Speaker: New Technologies for Conflict Prevention

George Washington University (GWU)  3/2013
Speaker: Real-Time Analytics for Big (Crisis) Data

New York University (NYU)  3/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Networks

SMARMIE 2013   2/2013
Keynote Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013)  2/2013
Speaker: Towards SMS Code of Conduct for Disaster Response

Dimensions of Resilience (Rockefeller/PopTech)  1/2013
Speaker: How to Create Resilience Through Big Data


Monitoring Crises in the Digital Age (Harvard)  12/2012
Speaker: Digital Humanitarian Response

Social Media & Conflict Prevention (CFR)  12/2012
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

Open DataJam (White House)  12/2012
Speaker: Crisis Computing

Preventing Violent Conflict (USIP) 10/2012*
Speaker & Moderator: The Use of New Tech for Prevention

International Achievement Summit 2012  10/2012
Speaker: From Crisis Mapping to Humanitarian Technology

Sensing and Shaping Emerging Conflicts (NAE/USIP) 10/2012
Speaker: Big Data Analytics for Conflict Monitoring

CrisisMappers 2012  10/2012
Speaker: Challenges and Opportunities in Crisis Mapping

TEDxSendai  10/2012
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

UN Conference on Humanitarian Action 2012  09/2012
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

PICNIC 2012  09/2012*
Speaker: Crowdsourcing & Big Data Verification

Turing Festival 2012  08/2012
Speaker: Citizen Science for Humanitarian Response

UN/ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Conference  07/2012
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

MIT Innovation Lab on Big Data  07/2012
Speaker: Big Data and Self-Organization

ICTs in Areas of Limited Statehood   07/2012
Speaker: Crowdsourcing Crisis Mapping

Frontiers for Development (USAID)  06/2012
Speaker: The Rise of Digital Volunteers

Explorers Symposium 2012 (National Geographic)  05/2012
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

The Future of Liberal Internationalism (Princeton)  05/2012*
Speaker: Networked Governance

Revolution: People, Politics & Change (NYU)  04/2012
Speaker: Crisis Mapping and Political Change

Where 2.0  04/2012
Speaker: Micro-Tasking Satellite Imagery Analysis

Skoll World Forum 2012 — 03/2012
Speaker: Innovation in Flux

SXSW 2012 — 03/2012
Speaker: Beyond Cyber Optimism and Skepticism

Crisis in the Horn of Africa (NDU) — 03/2012
Speaker: Humanitarian technology in the Horn 

How To Curate and Verify Online Info — 03/2012
Speaker: Tips and tricks from Information Forensics 

Truthiness in Digital Media (Harvard) — 03/2012

Data-Based Conflicts (UBC) — 03/2012
Speaker: Introduction to Crisis Mapping

Mobile World Congress 2012 — 02/2012
Speaker: Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Crisis Mapping

Digital Disease Detection (Harvard) — 02/2012
Keynote: Lessons Learned from Crisis Mapping

Tech@State — 02/2012
Speaker: Time-Critical Crowdsourcing for Crisis Mapping


International Conference of Crisis Mappers — 11/2011
Keynote: Mainstreaming Crisis Mapping

Club de Madrid 2011 — 11/2011
Speaker: Role of Technology in Democratic Change

CrowdConf 2011 — 11/2011
Speaker: Micro-Tasking for Crisis Response 

World Affairs Council — 11/2011
Speaker: Role of Technology in Poverty Alleviation 10/2011

PopTech 2011 — 10/2011

Net Impact 2011 — 10/2011
Speaker: Next Generation of Mobile Innovations in Emergencies

IPI World Congress 2011 — 09/2011
Speaker: Role of New Media in Crisis Management

Qatar Foundation — 09/2011
Speaker: Operational Crisis Mapping

ICT4D: The Power of Information — 09/2011
Speaker: Using Crowdsourcing and Crisis Mapping for Human Rights

LSE: Every Casualty Counts — 09/2011
Speaker: Using Crowdsourcing to Estimate Casualty Counts in Conflict

The Same Wavelength — 09/2011
Speaker: Crowdsourcing Social Media for Good

ICRC Global Communications Forum — 09/2011
Keynote: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

TEDxKC: If and Only IF — 08/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

MORE 25: Modeling Disaster Risk — 07/2011
Speaker: Using Crowdsourced Data to Model Risk  

TTI/Vanguard: Real Time — 07/2011
Speaker: Time Critical Crowdsourcing for Crisis Mapping

Crowdsourced Mapping for Emergency Response — 07/2011

Mapping as a Peacebuilding Tool — 06/2011
Speaker: A Brief History of Crisis Mapping

LinuxConf — 06/2011
Speaker: Crisis Mapping in Action

TEDx Silicon Valley — 05/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Berkeley Human Rights Conference — 04/2011
Speaker: Disaster Response 2.0

Where 2.0 2011 — 04/2011
Speaker: Disaster Response 2.0

Re:Campaign 2011 — 04/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time 

Re:Publica 2011 — 04/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Skoll World Forum 2011 — 03/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time  

Golden Tag 2011 — 03/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Share Conference 2011 — 03/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Amnesty International Annual Meeting — 03/2011
Speaker: Bearing Witness in the Era of New Media

Humanitarian Action Summit 2011 — 03/2011
Speaker: The New Generation of Humanitarian Practitioners


Foo News Camp — 12/2010

Personal Democracy Forum Chile 2010 — 11/2010
Speaker: Crisis Mapping in Action

Early Warning for Protection — 11/2010
Speaker: Role of Technology in Prevention of Mass Atrocities

PopTech 2010 — 10/2010
Speaker: Crowdsourcing and Crisis Mapping in Haiti

Validating Geo-Information for Crisis Management — 10/2010
Keynote: Crowdsourcing and Crisis Mapping for Crisis Response

International Conference of Crisis Mappers — 10/2010
Keynote: The State of Crisis Mapping 

Google Crisis Response Conference — 10/2010
Speaker: Ushahidi and CrisisMappers Network  

Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit — 09/2010 
Speaker: Lessons Learned from Haiti Disaster Response

Red Cross Emergency Social Data Summit — 08/2010
Speaker: Crisis Mapping, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfeeding

Emergency Management Conference Australia — 06/2010
Keynote: Crowdsourcing Crisis Response

Personal Democracy Forum 2010 — 06/2010
Speaker: Crisis Mapping in Action

Gov 2.0 Expo 2010 — 05/2010
Speaker: Technology for disaster response

HIVOS: New Media for Human Rights — 04/2010
Speaker: Technology for social change 

Clinton Global Initiative University — 04/2010

Twitter Chirp Conference — 04/2010
Speaker: Technology for Social Change

UN Global Pulse Conference — 04/2010
Speaker: Lessons Learned in Conflict Early Warning

Where 2.0 2010 — 03/2010
Speaker: Crisis Mapping Haiti


Innovation in International Humanitarian Action — 11/2009
Speaker: Utilizing New Technologies for Humanitarian Action

International Conference of Crisis Mappers — 10/2009
Keynote: An Introduction to Crisis Mapping 

A Better World by Design 2009 — 10/2009

Human Rights, Technology and New Media Berkeley — 05/2009

ICT for Development (ICT4D 2009) — 04/2009
Speaker: Impact of New Technology on Democratic Tendencies

Humanitarian Action Summit 2009 — 03/2009
Speaker: Crisis Mapping for Applied Technology

Improving Humanitarian Information in Crises — 03/2009

New Challenges in Human Rights Communication — 02/2009
Speaker: Trends in Information Technology and Human Rights

International Studies Association (ISA) 2009 — 02/2009
Speaker: Impact of ICTs on Anti-Government Protests

LIFT 2009 — 02/2009


International News in a New Media World  12/2008
Speaker: The Rising Role of Citizen Journalism

Mobile Active 2008  11/2008
Speaker: Using Mobile Technology for Digital Activism

Digital Media in Repressive Regimes  11/2008
Speaker: Digital Activism and Networked Protests

Social Web: Towards Networked Political Protests  11/2008
Speaker: Networked ICTs and Protests

Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict  09/2008
Keynote: The Future of Conflict Early Warning 

American Political Science Association (APSA) 2008 — 10/2008
Speaker: Impact of ICTs on Authoritarian Rule and Civil Resistance

Global Voices Summit — 06/2008

Community-Centered Conflict Prevention — 05/2008
Speaker: Tactical Conflict Early Warning and Response

Politics 2.0 — 04/2008

International Studies Association (ISA) 2008 — 03/2008
Speaker: New ICTs, Civil Resistance and Conflict Early Warning


OCHA Symposium on Humanitarian Information — 10/2007

American Political Science Association (APSA) 2007 — 10/2007
Speaker: Conflict Processes as Complex Systems

Digital Earth Conference — 06/2007

International Studies Association (ISA) 2007 — 03/2007
Speaker: Complexity Science for Conflict Early Response 

Earth Systems Science — 11/2006
Speaker: Early Warning of Environmental Change & Conflict

American Political Science Association (APSA) 2006 — 09/2006
Speaker: Natural Disasters, Casualties and Power Laws

Conflict, Health and Human Security — 06/2006
Speaker: Early Warning for Conflict and Health

Expert Meeting on Early Warning — 04/2006
Speaker: Best Practices in Conflict Early Warning

International Studies Association (ISA) 2006  04/2006
Speaker: Environmental Influences of Environmental Conflict 

Climate Science for Decision Making — 11/2005
Speaker: Mainstreaming Conflict & Environmental Early Warning

Climate Change and Human Security — 06/2005
Speaker: Environmental Influences of Environmental Conflict

Natural Resources Related Conflict Management — 09/2005
Speaker: Resource Conflicts and Early Warning

Conflict Early Warning in the OSCE — 11/2004
Speaker: Early Warning in the Economic Domain 

Conflict Early Warning Systems — 08/2004
Speaker: Conflict Early Warning in the Horn of Africa

Understanding Environment, Conflict & Cooperation — 01/2004
Speaker: Conflict Early Warning & Environmental Security


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