Accurate Crowdsourcing for Human Rights

This is a short video of the presentation I will be giving at the Leir Conference on The Next Generation of Human Rights. My talk focuses on the use of digital technologies to leverage the crowdsourcing and crowdfeeding of human rights information. I draw on Ushahidi’s Swift River initiative to describe how crowdsourced information can be auto-validated.

Here’s a copy of the agenda (PDF) along with more details. This Leir Conference aims to bring together world-leading human rights practitioners, advocates, and funders for discussions in an intimate setting. Three panels will be convened, with a focus on audience discussion with the panelists. The topics will include:

  1. Trends in Combating Human Rights Abuses;
  2. Human Rights 2.0: The Next Generation of Human Rights Organizations;
  3. Challenges and Opportunities of  Technology for Human Rights.

I will be on presenting on the third panel together with colleagues from and The Diarna Project. For more details on the larger subject of my presentation, please see this blog post on peer-producing human rights.

The desired results of this conference are to allow participants to improve advocacy, funding, or operations through collaborative efforts and shared ideas in a natural setting.

Patrick Philippe Meier

10 responses to “Accurate Crowdsourcing for Human Rights

  1. Hi Patrick. Would you mind emailing me details about the Leir Conference – when and where it will take place? I wasn’t able to find anything online about it and it sounds very interesting to me. Thank you in advance! — Mark Oppenneer

  2. Dear Patrick,

    Very nice presentation. I found one of the most crucial aspects of Ushahidi is the feedback that it can provide. Living in a conflict prone country, I would find it very useful to receive information quickly about potential flare ups and no go areas. And if I receive information, I would be far more compelled to provide information. I don’t think I would provide information for nothing.

    Also, I would like to really commend you on the presentation itself. You used images well and stayed away from text on the screen. I’ve seen too many presentations that were more like speech notes, more for the speaker than the audience.

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  4. Great video, Patrick. Looking forward to the implementation.

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