Crisis Mapping Egypt: Collection of Protest Maps (Updated)

The CrisisMappers Twitter feed has shared a number of maps depicting the ongoing protests in Egypt. Here is a collection of them. Do let me know if we’re missing any. To learn more about crisis mapping, read this blog post: What is Crisis Mapping? and join For a protest map of the demonstrations in Khartoum, Sudan, see this link.

Update: The Cairo-based Development and Institutionalization Support Center (DISC) has launched the Ushahidi map below. DISC has previously used the platform to monitor the country’s Parliamentary Elections last November and December  (see this post for more info).

Update: These Twitter maps Hypercities provide another way to visualize the event unfolding across the country.

Update: Storyful has this Google Map of the protests in downtown Cairo:

Update: OpenEgypt, an independent group of volunteers have set up the Open Egypt Crowdmap below:

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) has put up this Jan 25th CrowdMap:

The company ESRI has produced the following Web Map of Egypt:

The New York Times has also put this protest map together:

Finally, the LA Times has this map up on their website:

17 responses to “Crisis Mapping Egypt: Collection of Protest Maps (Updated)

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  2. You are doing impressive work with this blog, especially bearing witness to the upside of the net via crisis mapping, ironically at a time when a new leader in still tumultuous Tunisia is declaring, right now in Davos, that there will be freedom of the internet… so I tweeted both your blog and that coverage + cited them on Facebook … keep up the inspiring work!

  3. Great work! We are better than ME, if we know value of our life, and how to collaborate. My hat is off to all your works. Cheers, Onook

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  7. Folks, making a .kml file for Google is EASY if you have any kind of tech skilz. That’s what you can use to make maps like the LA Times one.

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  10. This is exactly what I was looking for… It is a shame there weren’t more social media outlet opportunities… enjoyed…

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