SMS = Secure Messaging Service = iRevolution?

WirelessWeek: Analysts predicted SMS revenues of up to $80 billion worldwide in 2007, with the number of text messages expected to reach a whopping 1.8 trillion by 2010.

CellTrust was founded in 2006 by a group of Internet security experts who wanted to place security high on the mobile agenda taking a proactive approach. This week, they rolled out SecureSMS, the first global secure SMS Gateway. Users can now meet security compliance standards with a cost effective solution providing military strength encryption. The service includes a remote wipe API which means that when a handset is lost or stolen, the user can remotively wipe the handset. The secure SMS Gateway is available in 160 countries worldwide.

This is precisely the technology that I’ve been waiting for and with the revenue stream in the billions of dollars, it’s only a matter of time before sending encrypted texts messages becomes standard operating procedures for Smart Mobs and nonviolent movements alike. SecureSMS may soon be synomimous with the iRevolution. Will this change the balance of power between repressive regimes and social resistance networks? Or will coercive states find a way to block this kind of functionality? Stay tuned.

Patrick Philippe Meier

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