iRevolution origins

Jacques-Louis David has the honor of being one of the first to blog about the iRevolution back in 1789. During those days blogs were still called sketches 😉 He titled his blog entry Le serment du jeu de paume or “The Tennis Court Oath,” which was a pivotal event during the French Revolution.

The Oath signified the first time that French citizens formally stood in opposition to Louis XVI, and the refusal by members of the National Assembly to back down forced the king to make concessions. The Oath also inspired a wide variety of revolutionary activity in the months afterwards, ranging from protests to renewed calls for a written French constitution.

Moreover, the Oath communicated in unambiguous fashion the idea that the deputies of the National Assembly were declaring themselves the supreme state power. From this point forward, Louis XVI would find the Crown increasingly unable to rest upon monarchical traditions of divine right.

The Oath,

Decrees that all members of this assembly immediately take an oath never to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the realm is established and fixed upon solid foundations; and that said oath having been sworn, all members and each one individually confirm this unwavering resolution with his signature [or blog].

So I thought this would be a fitting visual representation of the iRevolution. Tennis also happens to be my favorite sport and I do happen to have a French passport 😉

Patrick Philippe Meier

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