Global Voices Summit: NGOs and Local Activists

The final panel of the first day included representatives from Human Rights Watch, Reporters without Borders, Hands Across the Mideast Support Alliance, Amnesty International and Global Voices.

Some notes:

  • We can support activists by informing them of their legal rights;
  • Need to connect with local and national human rights NGOs;
  • Find allies within the ICT ministries to help prevent censorship from taking place;
  • Respond quickly to censorship; develop tools to detect more quicly and providing tools to host mirror sites;
  • Framing a campaign or issue is fundamentally important. When campaigning in the West, we need to frame issues in such a way that they are relevant to them;
  • Training is important as technical issues are not always resolved remotely;
  • Many advocates rely mostly on email, IM and mobiles, and less so on the Internet
  • Taking a technical solution to what is otherwise a social issue is a problem;
  • Forthcoming book: The Blogging Revolution (September 2008);

Patrick Philippe Meier

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