Digital Media in Repressive Regimes – Intro

I’m now in Copenhagen to participate in what is bound to be a fascinating conference on the role and use of digital media in repressive regimes. On the way to the venue, I was greeted by a dozen familiar faces in the conference hotel, all of them from Global Voices 2008.

Ole Brun from the Institute for Society and Globalization at Roskilde University gave the opening talk to place the two-day conference into context. Ole pointed out that the social sciences have been rather sluggish in the study of new digital media in repressive contexts.


We have sought to study the impact of information communication technologies on democracy. Perhaps this question is too ambitious. Can we instead start understanding what impact new media has on political structures, transparence and accountability, new ties between disparate groups.

Patrick Philippe Meier

2 responses to “Digital Media in Repressive Regimes – Intro

  1. Just came on your interesting blog and saw you mentioned the issues of transparency and accountability would be treated during the conference. Did any further discussion emerge? Very interested in these issues as well. If you like, have a look at where I discuss similar issues. Would be good to keep contact.
    Georg Neumann

  2. Many thanks for your comment, Georg. The discussion on transparency and accountability was addressed in more detail by our colleague at Freedom House who are launching a global Internet freedom index. Thanks for sharing the link to your blog.

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