Global Incident Map

A colleague of mine recently flagged this automated, quasi real-time crisis map: Global Incident Map. The map displays the latest 25 terror-related incidents using customized icons. These include markers for suspicious devices, bus hijackings, airport incidents, etc. Clicking on the icon provides a link to local news report(s) concerning the event. The service is subscription based so I wasn’t able to tinker around as much as I would have liked.


Compare this with other automated crisis maps such as the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS), Havaria and HealthMap.

Patrick Philippe Meier

4 responses to “Global Incident Map

  1. Slight correction… the incident map is not actually very automated, on purpose. Every incident is located, qualified, and added to the incident map manually. We’d be happy to give you or anyone a free trial account to tinker with. -M-

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