Time to #Occupy my #Holiday

I’m about to go offline  for what will seem like an eternity. Yes, that’s right, I shall part with my laptop for a record breaking 10 days. The last time this (almost) happend was exactly three years ago (although that was for “just” 6.5 days and I did slip online in-between to write a blog post). In fact, only twice have I left my laptop (and the Internet) alone for more than 72 hours since December 2008, i.e., during the past ~1,095 days. Yes, that is indeed a tragic statistic.

In order to truly enjoy complete peace of mind during these precious 12 days, I shall follow the wise ways of the White African, a.k.a. Hash, a.k.a. Erik Hersman. I shall for the first time in a long time set up an automated email reply message with a link to this post. But wait, there’s more. If you’ve found your way here after receiving said automated reply, here’s why (paraphrasing Hash):

Im off-grid on holiday until January 9th. This means that any communica-tions that come in before Jan 9th will be DELETED upon return. I do this for peace of mind on vacation, not because I don’t value what you have to say. No one wants to come back to an inbox of 2000+ messages. If it’s impor-tant, hit me up (resend) after Jan 9th.

Be well and hug someone. I’m about to Occupy my Holiday.

9 responses to “Time to #Occupy my #Holiday

  1. Have a wonderful Holiday.

  2. Much deserved, my friend. 🙂

  3. You will not be able to do this Even if it would be good for you and others aswell..Want to bet?

  4. Peace be with you…

  5. Go and enjoy!

  6. Occupy your holiday – beautiful. Happy new year!

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