Five Years of iRevolution in Fast Forward

My first iRevolution blog post went live on April 5, 2008, which was the same day I also launched my EarlyWarning blog. I kept publishing on both for more than two years. After ~100 EarlyWarning posts (and ~400 on iRevolution), I began blogging exclusively on iRevolution. Today, five years and 650+ blog posts later, iRevolution is still going strong thanks to both new and returning readers. In addition, iRevolution has been cited by numerous blogs as well as peer-reviewed publications, books and the mainstream media, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Huffington Post, UK Guardian, Al-Jazeera, Slate, TechPresident, the World Bank, United Nations, Red Cross, National Geographic, Scientific American, New Scientist and others

I’m excited to continue blogging on iRevolution given how very rewarding this adventure still is five years on. So a big thank you to readers for letting me know that you value this blog and look forward to the future posts. I’ve been par-ticularly fortunate to meet many readers at conferences and related events over the years. And hearing from you directly that you follow iRevolution has been so very rewarding. I’ve learned heaps from reader comments and feedback. I’m also grateful that blogging has enabled me to find new friends and colleagues, launch new projects and even get new consulting jobs & speaking ops. So my sincere thanks to readers who have engaged with this blog directly, either through the comments section or via other media such as email and Skype. A big thanks as well to readers who have registered to receive updates via email & RSS; and to those who continue to share my posts far and wide on social media. Finally, but certainly not least, I am very grateful to readers who continue to promote and circulate my posts within their own organizations. 

So once again, a very, very big thank you to everyone who has spent time on iRevolution over years. I really look forward to continuing this adventure with all of you. In the meantime, remember that the Blog is the new CV.



6 responses to “Five Years of iRevolution in Fast Forward

  1. Congrats on your blogging successes. Your work continues to provide me with encouragement and useful information. Very valuable for us who are looking for academic research and hard data to support our enthusiasm for integrating social media into emergency management programs.

  2. A recent new reader, but I thoroughly enjoy this blog and read it religiously. Thanks for all the posts, still working my way through the back catalog!

  3. A new reader, but I thoroughly enjoy all the posts, and am making my way through the back catalog. Thanks for writing!

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