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  2. Thank you so much for the work you’re doing. I’m awed. Found you on Twitter. Will send you an email in next days on crisis management coordination project I’m working on but it’s not time yet. What you’re doing is more important. You have my support!

  3. Hello,

    For our book the alchemy of leadership we are looking for photographs of cymatics. This one we found on your website will be very suitable. Would you give us permission to use this and give a copy in high resolution? Maybe you also have others?

    Hope to hear from you,
    warm greetings Ciske Hekman

  4. Michael E. George

    Dear Mr. Meier:
    On behalf of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (MassASPA), I would like to inform and congratulate you on being named recipient of our organization’s 2010 Distinguished Citizen Award. The award brings with it a year’s free membership in our organization.
    MassASPA is a professional organization of managers, administrators and high-level professionals employed in federal, state and local government; administrators of non-government organizations and professors of public administration in Massachusetts. The Distinguished Citizen Award is presented to an individual or group who is recognized as an outstanding leader/contributor in their own field, whose contributions have benefited the citizens of Massachusetts, and who has demonstrated long-term support for public service in his/her professional capacity and personal efforts. You may find more information about MassASPA and the award at our website:
    The Distinguished Citizen Award will be presented at our Annual Dinner which is scheduled for Monday, May 3 at the Royal East Restaurant, 789-792 Main Street, in Cambridge. The social hour is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. with the dinner portion of the evening starting at 6:00 p.m. The award presentations will begin immediately after dinner.
    You are welcome to bring a guest. If there are friends and colleagues you believe may be interested in attending, please feel free to invite them also. Tickets are $35 per person.
    I plan to follow this email to learn of your decision and to make arrangements for accepting the award. You may also contact me at (617) 267-1694 or
    I hope you will accept our award which recognizes your commitment to public service and ability to inspire others to serve.


    Michael E. George

  5. Hello Patrick,

    great job you are doing.

    I am wondering if Ushahidi should only be used for crisis management projects or non profit purposes. looking to the future, what about profit oriented projects? i do believe that the platform could be used for business purposes unfortunately i do not have the necessary programming skills to add relevant features nor do i feel confident to present the idea i have in mind professionally . i am still looking for ways to get help to get started.
    keep up the good work!


  6. Patrick,
    It was so nice meeting you yesterday, I was the woman that introduced herself as the non-muggle. I was so thrilled to talk to you, its not often you get to meet and speak with someone you admire so much.
    I wanted to let you know that I highlighted your recent post about Larry Diamond’s article on my blog iDisaster.
    The meeting was very inspiring yesterday because there is always so much to learn, yet I became a little deflated when an emergency manager from a local community, that I will not disclose, sent me an email calling the whole concept of social media a “disease”. We have a long way to go!

  7. Sebastian Hughes

    Hello Patrick

    I am currently writing my MA dissertation on the role of the internet in solving the collective action problem (especially with regard to political activism) and was hoping to be able to gain access to some of the dataset you have used in your own research. A quick response would be greatly appreciated.

    Sebastian Hughes

  8. Hello Patrick,

    It may be an odd question. I’m at this moment still in the race for the Knight News Challenge. I submitted my idea CrowdHelp – a website and mobile application for crime news reporting and victim help. Based on various techniques including ushahidi in mind; I hope to empower especially women victims of human trafficking and violence. However I’m just a mom from Holland and I look for some tips how to get from the idea to a calculation of such a project budget. Holland is relatively small to pull of such a crowd sourcing project. So I hope you will be willing to read my proposal and give me some tips how to move forward from this point and where I could find the right people that can help me with it. On your site I have already found some valuable tips for internet activism; so thank you for that too.

    With regards,

    Hèlen Grives
    Almere, Holland

  9. I love your blog and would love to guest post an educational article I have written pertaining to social media and the conflict in Egypt. If you are interested please email me for more information.

    Thomas Morrison

  10. My name is Fernando Mora, I am a Professor of Information Management and Health Informatics at the MBA/PhD program of St. George’s University in Grenada. I am exploring the possibility of writing a case based on the development of Ushahidi crowdsourcing tool and related applications and its future. I was wondering if I could contact you to discuss about Ushahidi development and learn more about the process, I have already been reading the material available in the web and have started to use Ushahidi.
    Please let me know if this collaboration might be possible

    Fernando Mora

  11. Dear Patrick,
    My name is Maria Passarivaki. I am a postgraduate student at Cardiff University studying for an MA in International Journalism. As part of my course i am required to write a feature article on a subject of my choice and i would like to ask you for your help.

    I am interested in writing about the potentialities and limitations of digital social networking in facilitating unarmed insurrections.

    I came across your name in researching this subject and i would like to ask if it would be possible to talk to you about the possibility of doing a short interview with you.

    Also, i would like to make it clear that this article – including any contribution from you – is not intended for the public ( unless you wish to ) and i would be happy to give you a copy of the article once i have completed.

    My deadline is on the 5th of May.

    I am happy to speak to you on the phone and / or via email at a time of your convenience to explain further.

    Please let me know if this is possible to get an interview, or, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    My mobile number is: 07541399464


    My email address is:

    My tutor at the university here is Howard Barrell. He is happy to speak to you about the project if this helps.

    His email address is His telephone number is +44(0)29 208 70100.

    Best Regards,


  12. Hello,
    I’m working to build a coalition of people and groups that are interested in the development of net-based-democracy. the subject’s a real mouthful, but the coalition site has a lot of information, and I’m happy to hear any and all feedback. The coalition site is here: I’m trying to build a coalition of orgs and people that are working on net-based democracy:
    thank you for your time,
    Anthony Brasher

  13. Dear Patrick,

    I am so interested in the research you have been doing. I have a master’s degree in Architecture, but I have always been thinking, and collecting my experiments about the rules of the world that seems to me are not changeable. I believe that there might be a huge and complex formula that creates them. If we consider the horizontal axis as the amount of failure of people in everyday life, then we come across the fact that with the increasing in the number of errors, bad incidents will decrease and would result in success. I am really interested in working on this research. Please feel free to contact me. I live in Blacksburg, VA

  14. Dear Patrick
    would like to participating at you events, we need your service here in Eastern of D.R.Congo

  15. Plz we need the world to know what is done to citizens that Expose Corruption/Fraud, we are getting destroyed, harder everytime we report to Police abuse, Need Media Coverage somehow to get Help, can not trust no one in Miami, Plz Help us!

  16. Patrick-

    Incredible tools and techniques! Can you guide me to a summary of data use (I’m using Ushahidi for an experiment and have added various forms-where do I find the csv).

    Thanks so much!


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  22. Dear Patrick:

    I deeply admire the work you and your colleagues are doing. Right now, I am working on an educational Youtube video on the least deserving Nobel Peace Prize recipients for my channel, raVeLOG. I would like to use the image found at to discuss Kissinger. Would you be able to grant me permission to use this image, or put me in contact with someone who could?

    Thanks so much!

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  25. curt westergard

    Our UAS launch vehicles double the range and duration of most UAS systems….how can we help with your challenge? or

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