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Introducing GeoXray for Crisis Mapping

My colleague Joel Myhre recently pointed me to Geosemble’s GeoXray platform, which “automatically filters content to your geographic area of interest and to your keywords of interest to provide you with timely, relevant information that enables you and your organization to make better decisions faster.” While I haven’t tested the platform, it seems similar to what Geofeedia offers.

Perhaps the main difference, beyond user-interface and maybe ease-of-use, is that GeoXray pulls in both external public content (from Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News, PDFs, etc.) and internal sources such as private databases, documents etc. The platform allows users to search content by keyword, location and time. GeoXray also works off the Google Earth Engine, which enables visual-ization from different angles. The tool can also pull in content from Wikimapia and allows users to tag mapped content according to perceived veracity. One of the strengths of the platform appears to be the tool’s automated geo-location feature. For more on GeoXray: