New Detailed South Ossetia and Georgia Maps

New highly detailed maps of South Ossetia provided by the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The titles associated with each map also comes from the Georgian government. I imagine these maps will eventually be available as KML files on Google Earth.

(1) Tskhinvali Region Conflict Area (1999-2001) [PDF]

(2) Ethnic Cleansing in Tskhinvali Region August 2008 [PDF]

(3) South Ossetia Ethnic Landscape Before Ethnic Cleansing [PDF]

(4) South Ossetia Ethnic Landscape After Ethnic Cleansing [PDF]

(5) Russian Invasion and Occupation of Georgia [PDF]

All maps (with the exception of 2 and 3) are accompanied by the explanatory legends and are otherwise self-explanatory.

Patrick Philippe Meier

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