Job: Satellite Imagery & Conflict Specialist

The European Union’s Information Support for Effective and Rapid External Action (ISFEREA) is looking for a conflict specialist post-doc researcher. I haven’t posted job openings before but this one from my colleagues at the Joint Research Center (JRC) is especially relevant to iRevolution’s focus.

Background: ISFEREA develops techniques for automatic image processing of digital images acquired via satellite platforms as well as methodologies to explore the links between conflict risk and the exploitation (and degradation) of natural resources such as minerals. In particular, very high resolution (VHR) sensors with meter and sub-meter spatial resolution are being tested for multi-spectral and multi-temporal analysis.

Applications fields are related to human security, conflict resource monitoring, post-disaster damage assessment, and analysis of human settlements, including temporary settlements and refugee camps

The candidate will conduct research on conflict risk modelling and links between natural resources and conflicts. She/he would contribute to:

  1. Collecting, organizing and analyzing all available data sources on conflicts, political tensions/crises, and some types of natural resources;
  2. Developing modelling scenarios and applying them to study the relationships between natural resources and armed conflicts as well as political instability.

The position presumes the will and the interest of the candidate to publish the results of his/her work in peer reviewed publications.

Requirements: University degree in political or social sciences; PhD degree in similar discipline or 5 years of relevant work experience, especially in conflict studies; good knowledge of at least one of the following three regions: African Great Lakes, Horn of Africa and Central Asia; good oral and written communication skills in English; team player and collaborative, proactive in research, capacity to learn and adaptability to stress.

Duration: 36 months

Applications Due: before 11 Jan, 2009 – 23:59:59 CET

Please follow this link for further information.

Patrick Philippe Meier

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