How I’m following the developments in Egypt (Updated)

How to follow a 21st century revolution. What sources am I missing?


Live Video

Live Stream


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  1. @JustAmira

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  3. I’ve included a few others in this list:!/Titine/egypt

  4. I am following developments through Globe Post. Excellent summaries.

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  6. s’il vous plait précisez nous pour les twitter ceux qui twittent en fraicais mers

  7. @eacusa

    Please encourage all US citizens to call the White House comment line and request that the US make a strong stand in support of the protestors 202 456 1111. Also, write email to your representatives. Feel free to use the letter (in part or full) I wrote to my congressman and posted on my blog


    BBC are collating tweets, AP, Reuters etc on live feed. erring on the side of caution.

  9. also follow @weddady on Twitter. Following him, along with @alaa and Mona, you’ll get just about everything you need.

    Tech explanation of how the Internet went down: by @danny_at_cpj (follow him for continued tech updates; he works with @ioerror).

    For attacks on press:

  10. The website of the Brotherhood is also a good source to find out what’s going on:

    They are far deeper connected in distant cities than most media.

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  12. Here’s a list I’ve created of 37 people who are still managing to tweet from Egypt:

  13. Oh, and also here’s some more twitter streams.
    @HosniMobarak – for an amusing parody break.
    @justimage – another journalist (Matthew Cassell of tweeting from Cairo.
    @avinunu – Abunimah, of as well — though not tweeting live from Cairo, is RTing several people who are and is a good gateway to lots of news articles and analyses.

  14. Following on News Arabica Great site!! Looks like a wide variety of aggregated/curated sources

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  16. Facebook Groups in English: Operation Egypt, Anonymous News Network, Vodafone Global Boycot And Protest, and if you can’t just watch their live stream in the background at

  17. I’d also recommend leaving messages and links to what you find at “The White House” on Facebook. Consider it a virtual sit-in…especially for people who don’t have an Egyptian Embassy nearby to protest at. You can “Like” Joe Biden briefly to leave him a pointed message, but then please un-like him…he’s too much of a tool.


    Site of an anonymous blogger from inside Egypt, who is credited with being a driving force in the protests.

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