It’s Official, I’m a PhD

32 responses to “It’s Official, I’m a PhD

  1. BRAVO. You are a true pioneer, what a PhD is *supposed* to be and so often is not. Charge on!

  2. Congrats! Well deserved and hard won I am sure.

  3. You’re now a Doc now? Cool!
    I’ve got this little problem……

    One of the few people in this world I am a true fan of

  4. Well… we knew they had to eventually let you go! 😉
    Congratulations, Eva and I will drink to you tonight.


  5. Congratulations Dr. Meier.

  6. “With all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto….” Congratulations

  7. Congrats Dr. Meier & best wishes for increasingly meaningful achievements!

  8. Very well deserved, congrats!

  9. Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations, Dr. Meier 🙂 Well deserved for all your hard work 🙂

  11. well than we need to have some drinks in Geneva! congrats!

  12. Yeppa! I have just begun today! Hope to be as successful as you!

  13. Sylvie Giossi Caverzasio

    Congratulations/félicitations! To celebrate soon in Geneva.

  14. Many congratulations Patrick, or should I say Dr Meier!

  15. Robert Trigwell


  16. Well done Patrick – Keep up the great work! Much looking forward to collaborating with you in the (near) future. Take care and best from Geneva! Cheers /Isaac

  17. Fantastic news – and well deserved Patrick.

  18. DOCTOR Meier, a hearty congratulations underscored with an immense amount of jealousy from someone who is still stuck in candidacy. Do I get to buy you one of those famed White Russians now?

  19. well done, Dr. Meier! congratulations.

  20. Congrats!! Well done.

  21. Bravo to you Dr. Meier! I am glad I’ll get to congratulate you in Geneva soon. Is there a way I can get a copy of the whole dissertation? It definitely will be foundational for my upcoming research at USGS.

  22. Wow, thanks all for your very kind comments! I don’t remember the last time I got some many comments on a blog post, I should get a PhD more often : b

    Thanks again!

  23. Congrats Doc! You work is a source of inspiration.

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