The Best of PopTech2011 in Tweets and Pics

@CauseGlobal: Zolli opens PopTech2011 , A World ReBalancing:
“We are not in Kansas, nor are we in Oz.
We are in the whirlwind”

@eileenlambert: Tablet in US $300, tablet in India $35.
Eastern countries are innovating
for radical affordability.

@storylaura: the rural poor only exist as numbers.
by taking pictures they are removed from anonymity.
Shahidul Alam

@rperezzz: At PopTech2011 @shahidul: introduced term “The Majority World” – better than third world. I don’t want to be third of anything.

@SarahNelson: Check out to see the work of photographers from developing nations

@frogdesign: American dream is alive and well –
just not in U.S -it is in India. -Anand G.

@dgilford: “Destiny is something you make rather than inherit.” @AnandWrites on India’s revolution against tradition of “know your place

@rperezzz: PopTech2011: @AnandWrites :In India, we-centric societies
are moving toward me-centric societies.

@thedelk: “China’s economic dominance is more imminent, larger in magnitude, and broader in scope than is currently believed.”

@wlabar: “By 2030 there will be a G1 – China” – Arvind Subramanian

@priyaparker: Cover of @arvindsubraman‘s book #eclipse is photo of
Obama bowing to a fully-standing Hu.

@brainpicker: Ooh! @PopTech launches fantastic new iPad app,
visualizing the World Rebalancing theme

@artate: check out @unglobalpulse piece in the new @poptech ipad app:
mobile surveys to get a pulse of the planet


@poptech: “Rebalancing is not something you do once,
it’s a way of life” -@StephanieCoontz

@rperezzz: Countries most resistant to women’s rights are countries where women have least access to labor force, says @StephanieCoontz

@xtinem: Coontz #PopTech2011 “US is dead last of all western countries
in work family policies”

@storylaura: I used to say US neanderthal in family/work policy. I’ve studied Neanderthals & they took great family care. Stephanie Coontz 

@storylauraIf we redefine gender to include women’s right to work,
we must redefine work to include workers’ rights to family life.

@bookpickings: Stealth of Nations: The Global Rise of the Informal Economy – intriguing new book by Robert Neuwirth

@AnandWrites: 1.8 billion people, half of world workers,
work off the books in informal economy: Robert Neuwirth

@dgilford: Informal economy is profitable: avg.
Lagos street shoe seller has higher margin than Payless Shoe Stores.
-Robert Neuwith

priyaparker: @nils_gilman predicts rise of “survival entrepreneurship”
in places like Greece, Egypt, Syria

@poptech: “Reminders that we’re not masters of the universe.”
– President of Iceland on the events of past decade

@AnandWrites: How Iceland dealt with its crisis so different from US,
acc. to president. He says they purged all the people responsible

@brainpicker: “Bank failure should not become the responsibility of
the people.” The president of Iceland tells it like it is

@AnandWrites: “What we are now seeing is people power on its purest form”: Iceland president on power of social media

@storylaura: protests and action in Iceland successful because
1) mobilized thru internet
2) demands concrete and measurable.
Prez Grimson

@JMathewAllen: Pres of Iceland Social Media has empowered the people
and made institutions a “sideshow”

@AnandWritesPrez: When Iceland had financial crisis, China was more helpful than West. He hosts more delegations from China than Europe.

@poptechAnnouncing PopTech Reykjavik 2012: Toward Resilience,
June 27-29, 2012

@PatrickMeier: On the Role of Technology in Building Resilient Societies

@wlabar: Best estimate by IPCC is an increase in temp. of 1.8 to 4C

@AnandWrites2.7 billion humans have no access to financial services,
even merely to save: Bhagwan Chowdhry

@AnandWritesCellphones will become the banks for the poor

@rperezzz: PopTech2011 Social Innovation Fellow Rose Goslinga takes stage.
“I insure the rains” – micro-insurance for Kenyan farmers.

@brainpicker: “850,000 girls in Kenya miss school because
they don’t have sanitary pads.”

@ZanaAfrica: Spread the word: pads + health education
can break cycles of poverty for girls.

@rperezzz: I ❤ Rothberg’s PopTech2011 preso title: High Speed DNA Sequencing: Outbreaks, Honey Bees, Neanderthals, Watson, Moore and Your Genome.

@deliciousblur: High speed genome sequencing offers a new way
to develop therapeutic drugs

@storylaura: It’s okay to be down, it’s a chance to step back and say,
“maybe we did it wrong.” Rothman

@storylaura: By sequencing Neaderthal DNA we learned ~200 places different
btwn human and Neanderthal and chimpanzee. Cool! Rothman
@ConnectMinds: Did you know that the current spacesuit weighs 140 kilos?
MIT’s Dava Newman is out to make things slimmer and more mobile
@audreylinnloves: imagine using a space suit to help kids with cerebral palsy partake in day to day activities
@colincolin: “Maybe the future of science will be in creating puzzles,
then handling them to the world to solve.” – Adrien Treuille
@jdsutterFoldIt game creator: “We’ve in fact crowdsourced the entire scientific method, from hypothesis to experiment to results”

@brainpicker: Wow. 6 months into Eterna experiment
the worst player design was better than
the best computer design.

@patrickmeier: The next frontier: time-critical #crowdsolving

@brainpicker: “Crowdsourcing has the potential to democratize the economics
and the joys of basic science.”
@ChristieNic: CDC is going to do real time #crowdsourcing to find solutions during next disease outbreak. (wow!) —Rothberg

@rperezzz: PopTech2011 Social Innovation Fellow Michael Murphy from @MASSDesignLab talks about buildings that heal.


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