TEDx: Using Crowdsourcing to Verify Social Media for Disaster Response

My TEDx talk on Digital Humanitarians presented at TEDxTraverseCity. I’ve automatically forwarded the above video to the section on Big (false) Data and the use of time-critical crowdsourcing to verify social media reports shared during disasters. The talk describes the rationale behind the Verily platform that my team and I at QCRI are developing with our partners at the Masdar Institute of Technology (MIT) in Dubai. The purpose of Verily is to accelerate the process of verification by crowdsourcing evidence collection and critical thinking. See my colleague ChaTo’s excellent slide deck on Verily for more information.


4 responses to “TEDx: Using Crowdsourcing to Verify Social Media for Disaster Response

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    Please take a moment to view the video in this awesome post by iRevolution on the use of Cwrodsourcing for data verification.

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