Results: Evaluation of UAVs for Humanitarian Use

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My team & I at the Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators) have just completed the first phase of our evaluation and welcome feedback on the results. We have reviewed over 150 UAV models along with camera technologies, payload units as well as image processing and analysis software. Each of these items have been reviewed within the context of humanitarian applications and with humanitarian practitioners in mind as end-users.

The results of the evaluation are available here in the form of an open and editable Google spreadsheet. We are actively looking for feedback and very much welcome additional entries. So feel free to review & add more UAVs and related technologies directly to the spreadsheet. Our second phase will involve the scoring/weighing of the results to identity the UAVs, cameras and software that may be the best fit for humanitarian organizations.

In the meantime, big thanks to my research assistants who carried out all the research for this review.


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4 responses to “Results: Evaluation of UAVs for Humanitarian Use

  1. Excellent review of UAV systems. Thank you very much.
    Now what can I do on a tiny budget?

    • One of the evaluation metrics is price. So sort by price from low to high.

      • Rhetorical question really. I like the look of the Australian group
        They provide link to which allowed me to search for combinations.Their blog brought up the matter of insurance which they indicated is covered by house insurance, but not if used for business purposes.

      • Thanks for sharing, wish someone had shared that second link with us a month ago when we announced this evaluation! (first link didn’t work). In any event, we’re looking to do something slightly different and for a different application. Once we have a second version of our spreadsheet, it will only take a day or two to convert to a website with a simple UI, quite trivial really. But it is important for us that the community have the ability to engage earlier on in the process. Hence the open, editable spreadsheet. If there are other models you recommend, then feel free to add them directly to the spreadsheet, thank you.

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