Calling all UAV Pilots: Want to Support Humanitarian Efforts?

I’m launching a volunteer network to connect responsible civilian UAV pilots who are interested in safely and legally supporting humanitarian efforts when the need arises. I’ve been thinking through the concept for months now and have benefited from great feedback. The result is this draft strategy document; the keyword being draft. The concept is still being developed and there’s still room for improvement. So I very much welcome more constructive feedback.

Click here to join the list-serve for this initiative, which I’m referring to as the Humanitarian UAViators Network. Thank you for sharing this project far and wide—it will only work if we get a critical mass of UAV pilots from all around the world. Of course, launching such a network raises more questions than answers, but I welcome the challenge and believe members of UAViators will be well placed to address and manage these challenges.


19 responses to “Calling all UAV Pilots: Want to Support Humanitarian Efforts?

  1. Dear representative,

    The association I represent, would like to know more about your cause and how it can leverage our members who are professional operators across Australia for humanitarian support operations. I am happy to discuss.

    Kind regards

    Joe Urli
    President ACUO

  2. Thank you Patrick. Fantastic program.

    I work on gender & UAVs in peacekeeping, development, humanitarian and disaster response settings. I would like to support UAViators and have posted on the Google group.

    We have a small, diverse group working on gender & UAVs-for-good (UAV tech, academics, INGO, DoD, private sector folks). New community members welcome! Email:

    Warm wishes

    Kathleen Schneider

  3. Hi Patrick! Wonderful initiative. We at 3DR would love to get behind you. Can we link up?


  4. Hello Patrick, I’ve written about UAVs for emergency response over on my blog at, and whole-heartedly support your effort. I also am an avid RC flyer–though mostly fixed wing–and am just getting into the pfv thing. I’ll be watching this group with interest.

  5. I meant FPV, not pfv.

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  7. Hello Patrick, our company is interested in learning more. We are Cloud Media House, One of Canada’s only Multi pilot cross country aerial photography and film companies for hire. Please email more info on this project.

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